Florida Carry provides free consultation, and/or referral resources to both defense and prosecution attorneys engaged in cases regarding self-defense, justifiable use of force, firearms, knives, or other "common use" weapons for self-defense.
We monitor and assist in civil or criminal cases in Florida and the Federal Circuit Courts that may impact an individual's fundamental rights to Keep and to Bear Arms or other related civil rights, usually on a pro bono basis.  Our dedicated and experienced personnel include a core group of consulting attorneys who are highly adept in applicable areas of law, well qualified statutory experts, paralegals, firearms instructors, self-defense experts, and tactical experts who are experienced in providing expert witness and consulting services.  This capability distinguishes Florida Carry from other available resources and makes us uniquely qualified as a formidable ally in developing and presenting the best possible case for your client.
We regularly engage in cases related to self-defense, justifiable use of force, 10-20-Life, defensive immunity, "Stand Your Ground", castle doctrine, or duty to retreat incidents (Sec. 776.012, 776.013, 776.031, and 776.032, Fla. Stat.);
Firearms/weapons and ammunition preemption (790.25, 790.155, 790.33, and 790.06, Fla. Stat.);
Lawful use or possession of firearms and other weapons (Sec. 790.25, Fla. Stat.), Concealed Carry (Sec. 790.01, Fla. Stat.), Open Carry (Sec. 790.053, Fla. Stat.), firearms replevin actions; vehicle firearms storage and workplace requirements (Sec. 790.251, Fla. Stat.), and related 42 U.S.C. 1983 actions.
If you are a party to relevant a case, please make sure your lawyer contacts us.
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