Florida Carry Sues Over University Parking Lot Gun Ban

Florida Carry, Inc. has filed a lawsuit against the University of North Florida (UNF), seeking a permanent injunction against enforcement or promulgation of its unlawful ban on firearms and weapons that are properly stored in student's private automobiles. We also seek a court order to repeal their unlawful regulations and remove all preempted signs/publications. Since 1987 the Florida Legislature has preempted firearms law and issued statewide licenses to carry for self-defense.

Florida Carry filed this case on behalf of Florida Gun Owners and our members. One such member, Alexandria Lainez, is a single mother who has received extensive training in firearms and self-defense to be prepared to protect herself and her young child should that horrible need arise. Alexandria is a full time student at UNF and worries that she has to choose between her family's safety and her education on a daily basis while attending college.

No public college or university has any authority to prevent students from having a firearm in their car as long as the firearm is lawfully possessed under state law. Any public college or university which attempts to restrict students’ rights on this issue is subject to being sued under Florida Firearms Preemption law which was amended in 2011 to make the then 24 year-old statute easier to enforce by organizations like Florida Carry.


Docket Overview: Lower Court Case Number: 2011-CA-08012
Duval County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Lower Court Filings: 

10/03/2011 Plaintiffs' Original Complaint 
11/10/2011 Plaintiffs' Motion for Temporary Injunction 
12/15/2011 Defendants' Motion to Dismiss 
01/04/2012 Plaintiffs' Amended Complaint 
01/25/2012 Defendants' Second Motion to Dismiss 
01/27/2012 Defendants' Memo of Law Opposing Temporary Injunction 
03/21/2012 Plaintiffs' Notice of Priority Case & Motion for Ruling 
03/22/2012 Order Denying Temp. Injunction 
03/26/2012 Plaintiffs' Memo of Law Opposing Motion to Dismiss 
04/03/2012 Final Order Granting Motion to Dismiss
04/26/2012 Plaintiffs' Notice of Appeal

Docket Overview: Appellate Court Case Number:  1D12-2174
Florida First District Court of Appeal Docket

Appellate Court Filings:

04/27/2012 Plaintiffs' Notice of Appeal

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